Course Selection - Introduction

Glendowie College has very strong academic, co-curricular and service programmes.  We offer a diverse range of academic subjects to prepare our young people for career success beyond school.

The subject pages outline the variety and nature of subjects available to study this year.  The selection of an appropriate course of study is very important and should be made with open dialogue between students, parents, Form Teachers, Subject Teachers, Deans and the Careers Department.

Ultimately, your choice of options will determine next year’s timetable and enable us to plan for staffing and resources. It is important that you are accurate with your choices for this reason. 

College years are a time for exploring new avenues of interest.  It is important to keep your courses varied for as long as possible.  Work on your strengths and genuine interests – this will help you choose courses that you will both enjoy and know that you can properly manage.  Your choice of options requires careful thought so they do not restrict your opportunities in later years of study.  If you have a chosen career in mind, research which school subjects are pre-requisites or would support the career choice.

Whilst you may not have determined your career direction, it is essential to begin the process of considering future subjects and areas of interest.  There are suggestions in the course information pages about how best to begin this process and a section on tertiary education courses as well.

The Careers Department (led by Mr James) is able to help students seek information about the vast range of tertiary courses and careers now available.  In a rapidly changing world keeping up with such trends and opportunities is important.

A deadline will be set for selection of subjects.  You should consider carefully your final course options, as alterations are more difficult to make at a later stage.

I hope that the information you find on SchoolPoint will help you in the on-going process of planning ahead for your future.  If you need more information or help in making your decisions, be sure to talk to your Form Teacher, Dean, Subject Teachers and Mr James.


Mr G Robertson