Course Selection Instructions

How to choose my Courses:

1. Navigate to Course Selection in the left hand navigation and open the menu.

2. You can choose to view courses a number of ways:

  • Faculties - shows all of the courses within a faculty.
  • My Selected Courses - once you choose courses, they will show here.
  • Overview - shows all courses in the school.
  • Courses I can select - this is a good place to start - it shows courses that are at the level you are entering that you have met the prerequisites for (if required).
  • Favourite Courses - as you navigate through all the subject information you can ‘favourite’ any courses of interest. View them all here. 
  • Search Courses - allows you to find a specific course name, topic or activity of interest.

3. Select the subject you are interested in. An information page will appear which includes:

  • Course Description.
  • Recommended prior learning and prerequisites.
  • Course and associated costs.
  • Career pathways that this subject leads to.
  • Standards and credits (including literacy and numeracy) for NCEA subjects.

4. Return to the top of the subject page if you wish to add it to your favourites, or select it as one of your courses. 


5. As you select courses, you will see how many are selected and how many remain on the right side of the page.

6. At any time, use the left navigation menu to return to your Favourite Courses list or My Selected Courses.


Request an Exemption

If you have not enrolled in a prerequisite course for an option you want to select, you can apply for an exemption. 

When you are on a course page that you don’t have entry approval for, you will see ‘Request Exemption’ instead of Select as one of my Courses. Click this button.

Enter notes which give the reasons why you should be approved for this course. The Course Leader and Faculty Leader can see this request. 

Once you have made a request, the button will change. If the exemption is approved, this course will be added to your selected subjects. If it is declined, you will need to select another course. 

To change a course you have selected:

  1. Choose My Selected Courses.

  2. Click Remove, then Confirm Delete.